Interval Trainer on Google Play

The Interval Trainer released on Google Play after passing review on March 11, 2024. I wasn't ready to ship the app, but my developer account was facing a policy violation due to inactivity, and was at risk of being closed. To resolve the policy violation and keep my account open, I needed to publish an update for an existing app, or ship a new app, by March 16, 2024. 

Publishing to the internal test track apparently doesn't count toward having an active developer account, and I had yet to push any of my own apps to production. None of them were ready for release, but I needed something to keep my account open. So I made the decision to run with the Interval Trainer, and submitted a production track release for review on March 7, 2024. As soon as it was submitted for review, the policy violation on my account was removed. The submission was accepted a few days later, and the Interval Trainer went live in production on the Google Play store.

Released as version 0.1.0, the Interval Trainer app is still in development. In its current form, the app provides a sequence of timers for a 45-minute high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout. The training sequence includes a 5-minute warmup timer, followed by ten intervals of 1-minute high intensity and 2-minute low intensity work-rest cycle timers, and wraps up with a 10-minute cooldown timer. It has buttons to Start, Pause, Resume, and Reset the workout. 

The app was designed and developed for smartphones, but is now also available to download on Android tablets and TVs through the Google Play store. However, testing shows that the app is not currently well supported on Android TV. The display format isn't always compatible, and it doesn't appear to accept input from TV remotes, making it essentially non-functional. I need to fix these issues, or temporarily remove support for Android TV until it can be fully supported.

I use the Interval Trainer with my own workouts. During which, I sometimes think about the features I'd like to see added to the app, and try to envision it in a more feature complete state. In my mind, I think I had imagined it being further along in development than it actually was.

The Interval Trainer app does not currently collect any data from its users. However, this may change with further development and future releases. Please review the App Privacy Policy for details.

I plan to continue developing the Interval Trainer, and will eventually release on iOS as well.