New Brochure for PTP

This week I've been wrapping up client work on a new brochure for  Patterson and Tedford Pediatrics . Just submitted the final draft for review. A few months ago, I was approached by PTP to make a new brochure for them. They had run out of copies of their old brochure, and wanted to update it before printing new ones. Most of the content in the old brochure was out of date. The Design Doc The first step in designing the new brochure was to put together a design document. The purpose of this document was to establish requirements and specifications for the brochure while also providing the client with a means to review, make corrections, and update content for the new brochure. The client didn't feel strongly about how the new brochure should look. Only that the content within should be up to date. This allowed me a good amount of freedom while designing the new brochure.  The old brochure uses a bi-fold layout. For the new brochure, I opted to use a tri-fold layout. I figured u

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