Untitled No. 24-001

India ink drawing made using a dip pen with a Brause 361 Steno Blue Pumpkin nib. Washes painted in with diluted India ink using round #0, round #2, and shader #8 brushes.

Not super happy with the results, but I think I know how to improve with the next one. I wasn't working from reference, and didn't have a clear vision of the tree's form when I started. Also didn't fully establish the light source from the beginning. Think I may have overworked the shadows, too. Also didn't pay attention to line weights with respect to depth of field. As a result, the whole scene feels kind of flat and lacks volume. Started realizing this toward the end, and gave up before finishing the background.

Despite these criticisms, I am kinda happy with the lower left quarter of the scene. I'm happy with how the grass turned out. I'm also happy with the bushes and pine trees in the distance. To achieve the inverted gradient, I flipped the sketchbook upside down to let the ink run up toward the treetops, creating the illusion of mist near the base of the trees while helping to increase contrast between the bushes in the foreground and mountains in the background. I also really like the shape of the tree trunk and the sprawling roots. I like how the light casts leafy shadows on them through the canopy, and how the roots reach outside the bounds of the frame toward the viewer.