SpaceCat Update: Rewired

Testing is done for the most part. Found some issues with the Pegasus Astro PPBAdvance related to Startup Config and Power Output states. Waiting on a fix from Pegasus Astro. 

Spent most of last night rewiring the SpaceCat build, and doing cable management. A few cables still need to be shorter for efficiency, and so that they're not coiled to minimize interference. Also trying to route power and data along separate lanes to minimize interference.

Moved the environmental sensor away from heat sources such as the main camera, PowerBox, and dew strips. Mounted it to the Losmandy plate using an Astromania universal finder shoe, and a BuckeyeStargazer Synta style dovetail bar. Should make it easier to mount on other scopes as well.

Added a few self-adhesive cable clips to the Losmandy plate to help with cable management.

Also labeled the power outputs and power input on the PPBAdvance to help avoid any unfortunate mistakes. Power output and power input ports on the PPBAdvance each use the same DC 5521 connector. Apparently it's a common occurrence to accidentally plug the power supply into the Adjustable Output port, effectively rendering the port and sometimes the entire unit inoperable.

Labeled the dew strip cables as well since each is rated for a different wattage.

Still have some work to do on the camera, tilter, and filter drawer system. Hoping to wrap this up soon and get back to imaging.