Done With Twitter

With the rebranding of Twitter to X, I'm done. I hate it. Makes me angry to see it, but I can't help it. So, I'm done with it. It's been a long time coming, though. This is sort of the final straw.

I've been relying on Twitter as a micro blogging platform for far too long. Either out of convenience or sheer laziness, it's become my primary, and in some cases my only, outlet for notes and journaling. 

Currently rethinking my strategy. My own website should be first-source with bite-sized reposts made to social media and forums for feedback, while having redundancies in other formats as well. Already downloaded a backup of my tweets, and have copied most of them to a Google Doc for redundancy. Having them in a Google Doc has allowed me organize them by category, but I still need something more dynamic. Something searchable, and dynamically sortable by multiple categories, labels, or tags. Something like this blog.

Although I'd rather build my own website from the ground up, it's hard to beat the convenience, reliability, and time savings that the Blogger platform provides. I'm also not exactly sure what I want from my own website. Hopefully this will provide an opportunity to explore options, and allow me some time nail down the specifics. 

Using Blogger isn't a bad solution. However, it is subject to the same sort of risks involved with using Twitter, and it's not as flexible as rolling out your own website. Google Docs is a good option for first drafts and journaling, but it also has its own risks and limitations. Still, this should be a good-enough solution for now while I work to collect, consolidate, and catalog my notes and content from various social media sites and forums so that it can be referenced from one location.

On to greener pastures.