SpaceCat Update: PowerBox Stack Simplified

Had another go at the PowerBox stack. In my previous attempt, I tried to include the option of mounting a guide scope to the top of the stack, not realizing how much differential flexure it would introduce.

The Pegasus Astro Pocket PowerBox Advance is mounted to a BuckeyeStargazer PPBA mounting bracket, with a Synta style dovetail bar for now. Both are 3D printed parts. The mounting bracket has been modified slightly with two of its four mounting tabs sheered off in order to free up mounting holes used by the Pegasus Astro top plate.

Attached the USB hub to the top plate using 3M mounting squares. Used a single square in this case, cut in half with a strip placed at each end.

Initially secured the hub to the plate using zip ties, but found that there wasn’t enough room to route the sensor cable under the plate as well. So I removed the zip ties.

Now I just need to figure out how to mount it to the SpaceCat rig, and then wire everything up.